Fast and fresh phone numbers

Most business phone append services use databases containing older phone numbers which can be two or more years out of date. ExtraktData aggregates numbers directly from the web in response to each data request. That means you are getting the freshest data possible. New businesses, small businesses changing from landlines to cellphones, and businesses adding locations can all be found by ExtraktData where other phone append providers fail.

Accurate numbers from incomplete or inaccurate business information

ExtraktData aggregates data from multiple sources using advanced text analytics. Our algorithms find phone numbers when there are business name misspellings, name variations, wrong addresses or even no address. We have been fine-tuning our system for the past 3 years, phone appending for large telemarketing organizations. Our algorithms are field tested daily to have higher append rates and better accuracy than our competitors.

Field tested and continuously improved

We are continually refining our algorithms based on feedback from our customers. Our fine-tuning ensures continuous improvements in append rate and accuracy. Our append rate is currently about 80% which means we will provide numbers for 8 of 10 business names you provide us. A phone append includes up to 3 possible numbers as well as updated address information, contact names and websites if available. We provide much more value than many phone append providers for the competitive pricing of $0.10 per business name append.