Fast tax lien data right from the source

ExtraktData aggregates tax lien records from over 1,000 state and county sources daily. Unlike some data vendors who resell information that is weeks old, ExtraktData goes right to the source ensuring the freshest, most accurate information available.

Data targeted to your needs

ExtraktData provides data feeds specific to your needs. Public records sites typically publish dozens of document types ranging from tax liens to bankruptcies to court documents. Our algorithms check our sources daily for new data relevant to our customers. Based on your needs, data mining engines will filter and prioritize data so you get only the most relevant, useful information. You get the exact data you need right in your inbox or ftp site one to two times per day.

Beyond the obvious and generic sales leads

To compete in this marketplace you need to go beyond the obvious and generic. The competition for easy to gather business leads is crowded.  Innovative sources of fresh leads are essential to business growth. Public records represent a significant opportunity if you can sort through the avalanche of data and find value. ExtraktData helps you find the real opportunities. With feedback on success rates from you, we can create a custom data feed that continuously zeroes in on your best customers.

Aged leads

Due to popular request, we’ve decided to start selling aged leads. These are federal tax liens filed against businesses only. They have addresses and totals, but no phone numbers. We offer two options: quarterly and bulk download. ExtraktData has federal tax lien data going back to 1990. See pricing for more details.


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